The Irish Policy Agendas Project is part of the established, world-class Comparative Agendas Project (CAP) network. CAP research projects aim to measure the allocation of attention to policy issues across multiple institutional, political, and societal agendas, and to use those data to understand policy and politics.

The Irish Policy Agendas Project Codebook is available here.

The first peer-reviewed article based on Irish Policy Agendas Project data has been published in Irish Political Studies: Green-Pedersen, C. and Little, C. The Issue Content of Party Politics in Ireland. A New Perspective on the Irish Party System and its Development.

The article presents data from Irish party manifestos, 1981-2020. For a data report, click here. If you wish to use the data, contact Prof. Christoffer Green-Pedersen at cgp [at] and please cite the Irish Political Studies article. The party manifesto data will also be made available on the CAP website.

The IPAP Workshop took place online on 29 November 2021. It was hosted by the Department of Justice and it brought together researchers of Irish politics and public policy, researchers from the CAP network, and public sector practitioners. The workshop programme is available here.

The Irish Policy Agendas Project has received support from the Irish Research Council’s New Foundations scheme, the University of Limerick’s Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University.

We will add outputs to this site as the project develops. For more information, contact conor.little [at]